The Road to Ruins
Hiking and camping trips to things abandoned in the NYC area and beyond...

Hiking the Road to Ruins

Hiking the Road to Ruins is a regional guide detailing twenty-two day hikes (and sometimes campouts) to old iron mines, deserted buildings, historic military leftovers and other things abandoned and available for visit by intrepid hikers.

The ruins are located in parks and forests that are generally within a two-hour ride of New York City.

Written for experienced hikers, the first three chapters set the novice hiker up for success: Preparation is the nuts and bolts of hiking, advising the reader on what to bring along re: what to wear or pack, the flashlight you bring and your emergency gear. There are also tips on securing maps and other information you might need to improve your trip.

Leading and not leading Hikes contains thoughts on proper conduct and etiquette while on the trail, and also some experienced advice on effective hike leadership for those about to lead. Using GPS is a general tutorial for new users of the technology and how to relate it to the book.

The twenty-four numbered chapters are each illustrated with maps and photos.

The first pages of each chapter contain a map opposite the hard data: Why we’re going and how to get there, any contact information, and GPS codes to specific sites are there. Primarily circular day-hikes rated as easy, moderate or challenging, the narrative guides the reader to many unusually specific points of interest: iron mines, old mansions, military sites and other things abandoned.

The author is always on the lookout for pleasant primitive camping and advises when appropriate.

The final chapter, “Places that Aren’t Mentioned” is a broad overview of sites that are worth mentioning for further investigation but do not qualify as a hike for one reason or another.

In many cases the author provides GPS coordinates, used with GPS receivers, to help pinpoint the location of some of the harder-to-find ruins.

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